Javita is it a MLM? How to be successful?


Javita is definitely a multi-level marketing company or a MLM, but it does not mean its a scam. MLM is becoming a buzz word but it simply means the company relies on its customers to be their distributors.

And it allows retail customer to become the representative for their products by giving them incentives or compensation plan.

Javita like all other MLM struggle with the same issues that face most MLM’s out there, and that is the problem with over saturation, as the years go by and more and more people join the company, the harder it becomes for people to become successful, when you deal with most network companies that is the plight that they face.

You have to count on the fact that there is still lots of people that haven’t been introduced to Javita yet and market to those people possibly in your local market about the products and business opportunity because most likely the internet or online rankings are already being dominated by professional network marketers that are super good at ranking sites, getting it on top of google, creating amazing content, making email newsletters and email campaigns and getting people to opt-in with smart, beautiful squeeze pages.

These are all high tuned, highly specialized skill that most people do not possess that is why most people seem to go no where with their online business.

There is simply too many moving parts.

But you have to understand that generating leads online for any business is the best freaking thing ever because you can let the online property do all of the work for you month in and month out.

When you have a high ranked site for keywords that your target audience is searching that online property can generate leads for you while you sleep, cook, eat and sip wine.

It is by far the biggest return on investment to invest in these virtual online properties and it gives you far more rewarding returns on investment than any other asset out there.

When it comes to learning about lead generation I was first into AdvoCare and struggled with that for a while because it was all about approaching people in real life and getting them to join well AdvoCare’s biggest selling product is the 24 day challenge which is for weight loss, as an extremely high metabolism person I don’t have an issue with weight so I needed to find a lot more better product to sell then I found Javita, but recently I found a blogger that found a way to make money online by mastering the skill to learn local lead gen.

This was pretty interesting because I had thought about this possibility for a while, what if I can service local business owners with the skills that I learned in blogging and ranking things in Google, surely there has to be some business owner in the market that would be interested in getting more business with a great site.

I was determined and driven to find that business owner and make sure that I create a pitch that they couldn’t turn down. But I just didn’t have the right knowledge or experience yet in order to do so, well I’m going to keep an eye out on this blog, click here to check it out. and see if they will start sharing some insights on how I can do this myself.

Javita Coffee Get Leads Online, How to Guide


Javita Coffee is a mlm company lets not get it twisted, but MLM company is a legit opportunity if you know how to get leads especially if you know how to get leads on the internet?


Because the lifeline of a MLM business is the flow of leads, you need that pipeline full always, people that sign up under you will not always stay. People come and go like the season, the only way for you to succeed with sustainable income is continue to prospect new people to sign up under you, just like a restaurant business or Starbucks, just because you worked hard for couple years does not mean you can coast after that.

Running any business requires consistent attention and effort to get new customers to join you. If there is one thing I can complain about MLM like Javita is that they try to lure unqualified people in by making their compensation plan sound magical and something that allows someone to make money on auto-pilot, this causes people that do not have the right expectation join thinking they will get rich easily and quickly if the opportunity sounds good enough for them.

Yet you have to realize is that no matter how awesome the opportunity may sound, you have a lot of other people signing up as well, and in order to break through from the masses you have to be willing to work harder at this than anybody else.

MLM for the most part get pretty competitive especially when you try to create online presence that get continuous flow of leads on seemingly autopilot. But in order to rank your online property ahead of thousands that’s trying the same thing, you basically have to take massive action and out do everyone especially when you try to reach the coveted number 1 to 3 spot.

What does google want to see at the top of their search engine? They want great content, the big hint I can give you here is why do you think Wikipedia ranks so high in so many key words?

Look at their page, it is very very in depth. Google wants to remain the #1 search engine in order to do so, it has to serve up the best search results for people searching to keep them coming back. They have built very complex algorithm to make sure that they are sorting through and showing the best websites at the top.

Here in lies your first clue, consistent delivery of content such as a wordpress blog is powerful because you will continue to sharpen your writing skills but most importantly you will begin putting out content which is valuable if you go in depth with it. Make it your duty to become a producer instead of a consumer, maybe blog about your experience with Javita and be passionate about sharing with others your life story with Javita and the various insights you learned a long the way. And perhaps if you continue to write quality content Google will notice and your site will begin getting traffic, continue further and your site will continue to gain power and authority till eventually you start ranking for major search terms such as “How to begin Javita” and you have people signing up under you because you have written so much great content about Javita, people will think well you must be the authority in this field and be impressed about your powerful site.

You then can teach your blogging skills down the road as exclusive coach. But first become a content producer, there is power in transitioning from consumer to producer, doing the 1 thing that makes you successful and building a habit around that is your key to success.

Javita Coffee Compensation plan


Javita has a pretty interesting compensation plan and I hope to educate the readers on how their pay system works so that you can be rest assured you are getting paid for your efforts.

To quickly first explain the first compensation model which is the Fast Start Enrollment compensation of Javita which is when you enroll someone you get paid, when that person you enrolled, enrolls their friend the person that enrolled that new friend gets paid but you also get paid because that was from someone that you enrolled.

So in practical terms every time you enroll someone with a $99 pack, you earn $20. And your enroller earns $5. When someone enrolls with $599 pack, you earn $120 and your enroller earns $30.

So for example if Bob enrolls you into Javita Coffee MLM and you start marketing their great products to your friends and family, lets say you enroll your mom with a starter pack of $599, you instantly just made $120 AND Bob earns $30 for your efforts.

So as you can see as you begin to enroll more people you start

Monthly autoship for Javita is $70, so you earn $2 on those people

The $599’s monthly value is $10

And you can earn these commission on 14 levels down meaning all the people you recruit plus what they recruit and then down the line, it comes out to be 32,766 people that you can grow your network to, even if all these people are ordering the minimum monthly Javita and you are earning $2 of each and everyone, that’s already $64K a month in income, on auto ship with no new order.

The attractive thing about Javita is that we are talking about Coffee and Coffee consumers are buying their coffee every month regardless so it is a stable residential mailbox money for you once you build your network.

As you advance your rank within Javita there’s actually 17 payable rank bonus compensation that gives you even further incentive to reach higher rewards.

The first rank bonus is consultant bonus, where you get $200 when you hold that for 2 months. And the bonus goes up from there at every rank. So in total there is $500,000 worth of rank advancement bonuses that you can earn. But it doesn’t end there these rank advancement bonuses you can make off of all the people you enroll at 50%.

Just like other MLM in Javita it is recommended you work with 3 people underneath you. But you can build more if you want. But when you help those three get their three, and when you help the three underneath them get their 3, it ensures that people stick around for the long term because they start earning real income. Now as you get to a certain point Javita prizes you a BMW new series, with a license plate that reads “paid for by Javita” when you start throwing house parties and you got all these BMW’s with this license plate, it builds what is called evidence of success. And people begin to talk and people begin to talk they buy into your vision. So I like Javita it is an MLM of great Coffee product and I like that because Coffee is an irreplaceable product for most homes so the market is big and the residual is almost guaranteed. Not to mention that people are losing weight with Javita.

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